Some love to cook, others like to be cooked for; I am the former. I enjoy making a homemade meal for my baby girl and for my family. Below you'll find some of our favorite recipes! 


I enjoy making my baby girl fresh food each week. I make a big batch at the start of the week and freeze small portions for a quick and easy meal for her. 

*Please speak to your pediatrician before starting solid foods.*


Our baby girl loves her applesauce! She's enjoyed it mixed with bananas and oatmeal. We use Gala apples for her applesauce.

I recently found out from baby girl's pediatrician that leaving the skin on some of the apples when I prep her applesauce keeps some of the pectin in the mix. Pectin is a soluble fiber and can be attributed to better gut health and bowel stability. 


Red Peppers are a healthy addition to our baby girl's food repertoire. 
Red Peppers are excellent sources of vitamins A & C. The vitamin C found in red peppers is also great for your immune system, providing your body with powerful anti-oxidants and acting as an anti-inflammatory for your system. 
The nutrients and vitamins found in red peppers also help your overall eye and skin health.   
For more information on the health benefits of red peppers, visit this link


Carrots are a great addition to our baby girl's meal plan.  
Carrots are another great source of Vitamin A for our little one; aiding in her eye development. Carrots have also promote a strong immune system and are rich in fiber, promoting a healthy, normal, bowel system. 

For more information on the health benefits of carrots, visit this link


After I puree the fruit or veggies, I place the puree into a mini ice cube tray and stick it in the freezer. Once the cubes are frozen, I pop them out and place them in a freezer-safe Ziploc bag with the date. 
Frozen purees are generally good for 3 months in the freezer. 

Keepin' it fresh

Mama & Daddy need their fuel for late nights, early mornings and all the in-between with baby girl and our pup. Here you will find the healthy recipes that keep us going all day. 

Hope you find something you enjoy too! 

Family Recipes

This salad recipe couldn't be easier. Grilled or baked chicken, tortellini and as much Caesar dressing as you like...delicious! 
This is one of our weekly go-to meals and can be prepped in as little as 20 minutes if you choose to pick up pre-made chicken. If not, it'll take about 45 minutes to bake the chicken yourself. Totally worth it! 

My favorite salad

Chicken caesar salad with tortellini

This recipe takes a little more time to prep and a little more coordinating but it is oh so worth it. This is one of my favorite salmon dishes because the salsa is fresh and vibrant, the rice is sticky and full of coconut flavor and the dill sauce is just creamy enough to help it all stick together for the perfect bite. 

When salad isn't cutting it...

Chicken noodle soup is our "go-to" meal when we are under the weather and I have learned that everyone makes their soup a tad bit different. Here's our cozy and comfy version of chicken noodle soup. 
I like to make mine with chicken stock instead of letting the chicken boil in water. I also like to saute my veggies first before adding in the chicken.
It may be a couple more steps but it comes out delicious each and every time. 

When we're feeling under the weather...

We love using our Crock Pot and we usually set it up on Sundays for a long, slow cooked and delicious meal. 
This recipe is a favorite of ours when we're looking for a burst of flavor with minimal ingredients--usually everything we already have in the house!
We paired it with our Coconut Jasmine Rice but it goes well with regular white rice and a nice helping of fresh broccoli. 

When you want to set it and forget it...

I'm Italian and I married a Puerto Rican/Cuban man with some very delicious family recipes. I have made this a handful of times for our families and this year, it was a dish my sister requested specifically for her birthday. 
Each time I make it, it comes out better. 
Some quick tips: 
* if you can, marinate the pork overnight. It makes such a difference in terms of seasoning and taste the next day. 
* Account for the bone-- these two are 9lbs each and we definitely went through both of them with 15 + people. (everyone took leftovers too!)

Family Recipes

Our first try at making our own Fish Tacos! All in all, they came out pretty good. The Cod Filets I bought for this recipe were really thick and we should have cut them in half before putting them on the grill...they were a little hard to flip because of their size. 
We also used store-bought Mango Pineapple Salsa because it looked really good and it saved me a lot of chopping! 
We will definitely make these again! 

Family Recipes

These are some of the tools I use most often to prep and store food for my husband and our baby girl.
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My favorite kitchen tools

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