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SwaddleMe  Easy Change Swaddle (0-3 months)

Why we love it:
~Easy to swaddle baby at any time of day
~Zipper bottom made night-time changes easier!
~Velcro stayed in place, no fussing
~Material was soft for baby's gentle skin
~Easy to clean

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Why we love it:
~Our baby girl was wearing 9 month jammies in other brands and needed more room width and lengthwise. (She's currently 7 months)
~Burt's Bees Baby Loose Fit Sleep & Play outfits gave our baby girl the extra wiggle room she needed and provided a more comfortable fit for her growing body. 
~The zipper makes getting dressed and diaper changes very easy. 
~Designs are cute and I love the seasonal options! 
~Material is very soft and easy to clean.  I have not noticed any of the outfits shrinking even after multiple washes.