Formula & Diapers

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Nest Diapers sold by Conscious Diapers

Why we love these: 
~Withstands a blowout, no diaper rash and keeps our little one comfortable without digging into her curves. 
~ Conscious Diapers offers a monthly subscription program. Shipping was free & quick!
~ Nest diapers decompose in as little as 2-3 years. Not 500 like big brand diapers
~ If you purchase through Conscious DIapers, they will plant 1 tree for every 5 diapers. My case of 132 diapers is responsible for 26 new trees!
For more information on Conscious Diapers, go to the Blog 

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Happy Baby Organic Powder Formula

Why we love it: 
~ We recently made the switch from a big brand formula to the Happy Baby Organic brand and so far so good!
~I like how the Happy Baby brand has two different stages of powder formula for our growing girl; stage 1 is 0-12 months and stage 2 is 6-12 months; packed with more nutrients an older babe needs!

Why we love them:
- These pads help our little one stay drier overnight and prevent her diaper from leaking through onto her jammies and sheets. 
-Cost effective: 28 pads for $15.00 
-Adhesive pad stays in place and doesn't move despite some tossing and turning from our baby girl.