Squeaky Clean

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Honest Co. Organic All Purpose Balm

Why we love it: 
~ Clean ingredients
~Actually works! Our baby girl's skin was dry and cracked, especially on her cheeks. This balm is gentle enough to use daily and keeps her cheeks moisturized and soft. 

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Why we love this shampoo & lotion:
We looked high and low for shampoo and lotion that had minimal ingredients and was safe enough to use on baby's soft skin. We finally found them when we turned to Hello Bello.
~ Shampoo & Lotion have clean ingredients
~Soft and gentle enough for daily use
~Smells fantastic

Our thoughts on the FridaBaby Nose products:
~ The original Snotsucker works great! I don't have the stomach for it but when my husband uses it, he's able to get all the gook and yucky stuff out of baby girl's nose. 
~The Replacement Hygiene filters are great to have on hand, especially during the winter when we used the Snotsucker often. 
~We found the FridaBaby Saline spray to be okay. I think there are better ones out there. 
~Really appreciated how FridaBaby packaged all of these products into one kit that you can purchase and try out for yourself! 

Our thoughts on the Boogie products:
~ The Boogie Wipes are my favorite! The saline solution helps to get rid of stuck on boogers in a gentle way. They feel like baby wipes but help to loosen anything yucky that needs to come out. 
~Really appreciate that they are sold in a pack of 3 as well. 
~I have seen scented Boogie wipes but personally prefer the unscented ones. 
~I like the Boogie Mist better than the FridaBaby saline solution. I feel it is easier to use and works well to loosen and clear anything in her nasal passages.

Our thoughts on the Oogiebear:
~ We have only used this product to clear out baby girl's nose. We have not used it in her ears. 
~That being said, we do appreciate the two different tips depending on the boogie that is stuck!
~The carrying case makes it easy to take on the go and keep the pieces clean while we travel.