Why we love it: 
~Adapts to baby's developmental growth
~Walker comes off when Baby is ready to stand and play
~Interactive pieces can be replaced with white flat surfaces (included)

Time to Play

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Why we love it: 
~Soft playmat
~3 different settings: waves & lights, songs & lights, lights only
~Cute and playful characters
~Easy to assemble

Why we love it: 
~Soft playmat
~3 different play modes
~Great for tummy time facing the piano OR laying on back and kicking the piano
~Easy to assemble, easy to clean

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Why we love it: 
~3 different height levels- grows with baby
~Free-standing: completely safe without securing it to a wall 
~Interactive pieces are developmentally appropriate 
~Swivel seat turns 360* so baby can turn themselves & see all activities

Why we love it: 
~Balls are a good size for little hands. Baby will not choke on them.
~ Xylophone slides out for an alternative way to play
~ Fun, interactive and little one can use mallets or hands to push the balls through the holes. 

Why we love it: 
~Suction cup bottom secures easily to high chair tray table
~Cute, upbeat songs and rhythm makes it engaging for our little one
~ Our baby girl smiles and spins the hula hoop whenever she hears him speak