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Why we switched to using Conscious Diapers

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the owner and founder of Conscious Diapers; a company that investigates and scores brand name diapers according to five categories. The five categories they research are: Human rights, Ingredients, Animal Rights, Environmental Impact and Performance. Currently, Conscious Diapers have two brand names available for purchase on their site: , both receiving an A for meeting criteria in the categories named above.
So, we decided to give one of their reputable brands, Nest, a try.

Well, they do exactly what a mama wants a diaper to do– at it’s core: withstand a blowout, prevent diaper rash and keep our little one comfortable without digging into her curves. These diapers received a gold star in all of our categories. 

Bonus: these diapers are eco-friendly & decompose in as little as two years. I was shocked to find out that it could take 500 years for other diapers to decompose. YUCK. 

Other bonuses:  

  • Shipping was quick (& FREE!): we ordered on a Friday and a case of 132 diapers was on our doorstep by the following Tuesday. 
  • Conscious Diapers offer a monthly subscription service & you can switch between their brands at any time. 
  • Sizing is comparable to the diaper brand we were using before we made this switch & better yet, 
  • COST is comparable to what we were paying for a case of diapers too. 
  • For every 5 diapers you purchase, Conscious Diapers plants 1 tree. My case of 132 diapers is responsible for planting 26 new trees! These trees (& the ones you help plant with your purchase) will help offset CO2 emission with a large goal of eliminating global warming and climate change. 

    Eco-friendly diapers + More trees – CO2 = healthier world for our children

So with everything checking out; cost, quantity, healthy for baby girl, healthy for the environment & free shipping… it’s a no-brainer for our family to make this switch for good.

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