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April 11, 2022

To Mama,

Our little one said a new word this weekend and oh boy, it was music to my ears! After months of hearing “Dada,” our little one finally said Mama. Over and over and over again. My heart burst out of my chest and I had thee biggest smile, ear to ear, wouldn’t leave my face all weekend, if ever.

I loved hearing Dada, overjoyed at how enthusiastically she said it. The smile on my husband’s face wasn’t half bad either. Such a fun time, hearing her play with sounds, hearing her success and gauging her own accomplishments on our reactions.

But Mama…wow. Life changing. I am sure my husband’s heart exploded when our baby girl said his name but something special happened when she said Mama. I know she knows me, knows who I am, looks for me when she’s in someone else’s arms, makes a sound and I know how to respond…but hearing her say my name…in a split second my heart melted, exploded, and burst out of my chest.

It was quite simply the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

I want to be Mama forever. Not Mom or Mommy. Mama.

There’s nothing wrong with those titles and as much as I may fight it, I am sure these names will cross her lips at one point and Mama will be in the past, along with my baby girl who will be grown and running around and continue to change the world with her smile.

But for now, she has turned my heart upside down and I will cherish this moment, forever.

There are these moments where you remember exactly where you were, exactly what you were doing when something life altering happened. Up until this point, these moments a lot of these moments surrounded death, where I was when I found out friends had passed, grandparents, life altering moments that made my heart sink. And then there are a handful of life altering amazing moments- the day my husband proposed, our wedding day, the day we found out we were pregnant and then sharing the news of our pregnancy, the birth of our daughter and the day she said Mama.

It is my wish for you that you also have moments that turn your world upside down. Moments you will cherish and time capsule and hold onto forever.

Share them. Celebrate them. Simply, be present with them.

With love,


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