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A “Messy” Home Mama

May 23, 2022

To Mama,

I’d like to say we always had an organized home before our baby girl was born but I’d be lying. It wasn’t always organized and we still had a couple piles here and there but I can honestly say the laundry was done more regularly, meals prepped in advance and there were certainly less toys in our house.

The baby’s piles starting happening when I was pregnant and we began receiving gifts; “just because”, “Congratulations” and of course, many wonderful and thoughtful presents from our baby shower. We were and continue to be thankful for each and every one we have received. Before baby girl made her debut, my mom and I spent countless hours cleaning, washing, putting away and organizing all of our little one’s new things. And somehow, the laundry still got done, meals were prepped and the new toys we received found a home.

Baby girl arrived and as I shared before, I was cleaning the bathrooms the day before I went into labor! 38 weeks and still finding a small moment of time to clean, in-between resting and keeping my (very swollen) feet up. All this in mind, I thought, even with a little one, I would still have time to clean, dust, do whatever I had been doing, around a baby’s nap and feeding schedule. HA HA HA.

Joke’s on me.

We don’t have a dirty home. We have a well-lived in home, with little “tokens” of our adventures scattered in different places. The toy bag we take when we go out, next to our diaper-bag backpack, next to the bag of clothes for Goodwill right next to the stand where we keep our keys and just recently, the paint samples we picked up for our downstairs project. Not to be confused with the pile of papers I need to go through sitting next to the shopping list and reusable shopping bags on the kitchen counter.

It’s not dirty, it’s unorganized and every surface has become a “drop zone” for something. Our dining room table has hosted a couple different gatherings– of people, of items, of clean clothes that have been folded awaiting their transfer to our drawers…ah yes, the dining room which will soon be home to my husband’s office while our downstairs is renovated. So let’s see how much this room can really hold!

Don’t even get me started on the functions for my office space.

All this to say, yes it’s important to me to live in an organized and clean home, AND it’s important for me and our family to go out, to be together, to have adventures or quiet time together. Not all the time of course, mama needs her space too; enough so that we are beginning to create moments, traditions and memories with our little family.

I’ve learned so much since our little one was born. One of the biggest lessons is how quickly time moves. She changes and grows each day, month to month there is a drastic difference and it’s beautiful to see and also a difficult pill to swallow when I think and feel how fast it’s all going.

My advice to you is to take care of the piles, clutter and organization if it eases your mind and that’s a priority for you. And if it is, excellent. Go with your gut.

If you’re rowing the same boat as me and a pile or two can wait until baby girl is asleep or it absolutely needs to be tackled, welcome aboard!

Whatever you decide, however you prioritize, do you.

You got this mama,

With love,

a “messy” home mama

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