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Strong Coffee & Long Naps

February 20, 2023

To Mama,

At some point this weekend, it dawned on me that baby boy will be here in 3 months and approx. 3 weeks (although I have a feeling he will be making his debut earlier than that). Just mama intuition/gut feeling.

And after that thought nestled somewhere in my brain, I realized how much we still have to do for him (and us) to be prepare for his arrival. We’ll be keeping him in our room for the first six months or so (like we did with baby girl) but his room is still cluttered with my office stuff, laundry that needs to be folded and a storage closet that holds everything from art supplies to gift wrap and extra clothes — mine of course.

We also have to order (and most likely assemble) a piece of furniture for his room after we move my desk and file cabinet to our nearly-completed basement.

And on that note, our basement is probably 90% complete– so that room still needs to be completed too. It’s functional, (yay!) but definitely needs some finishing touches.

All of this will get done; on top of our everyday and weekly responsibilities.

It must.

So it will.

A lot happens during our daughter’s nap. Somedays, “a lot” looks like a shower, without interruption. Other days, “a lot” looks like cleaning, changing sheets and laundry or paying bills and working my business.

Eventually, as I enter my 3rd trimester “a lot” may look like sitting and reading a book to completely reset my day.

I know that and I feel a slight smidge of pressure to get whatever I can get done, done now– knowing that I already hit a wall most afternoons.

So here’s to my other mamas who have a long list; whether it’s a mental checklist or a physical, paper & pen list (that’s me)…I hope you find the time, I hope you CREATE the time to tackle all of your priorities. Including time to prioritize YOU.

Honestly, what’s helped me the most is planning for the week ahead on Sundays. I sit down and write out exactly when my daughter will eat and nap, when I will work and what I will work on during each block of time and any classes or events we have scheduled over the next couple of days.

I even write out when I will do laundry and all of that helps calm my mind and organize my thoughts– everything has a place and there’s room for flexibility and moving things around–because ya know…my schedule is her schedule.

My wish for you this week mamas is that you do, have, be, whatever is going to help get you through. For me, it’s a strong cup of coffee, my daughter’s laugh and my list. Along with a very supportive and tremendously helpful husband and our family.

You got this mama.

With love,

a long list mama

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