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March 13, 2023

To Mama,

Indescribable. Meaning there is nothing quite like it– good or bad…there’s no way to sum it all up.

Some moments are painstakingly challenging and we try to breathe through it, patient, kind, and realize that as hard as it is for us to move through that moment–it’s significantly harder for our little one who is also learning to cope. Indescribable; the perfect storm of hard, emotional, events- not one specific one, just a myriad of difficult- that only you feel– because one event alone didn’t tip the iceberg…the combination of them all, fit together just so, to make it…indescribably difficult.

Other times, we find a slice of “perfection”- a moment wrapped in laughter, excitement, calm, growth and it becomes a core memory- something we will hold close to our hearts for the rest of our lives; it’s the moment we will channel and think of when our little one is having a harder time.

For me, the “perfect” moment was last week; playing outside with our little one and our pup- a mixture of bubbles and chalk; exploring and walking around our backyard, babble and enthusiasm filled the air. And it was wonderful. Our baby girl led the way, me an eager participant; curious as to where her mind would take her and what she would burst out with next. She loved being outside despite the chill; her nose turning a shade of pink the longer we spent outside and her voice growing louder with each exclamation of “BUBBLES!” as they floated in front of her. She was in her glory.

I was over the moon happy to be in her world for a moment- to see her experience all of this and hear her giggle. Even as I put words to the page; it’s indescribable- the words describe the moment and do not do it justice. Because to sum it all up, it would be…




In their purest forms.

So for any mama; any parent…experiencing an indescribable time…you are not alone. You are strong. You are growing, learning and adapting.

Just like your little one.

Take a breath, soak it up and hold on tight. This moment will either be one that you keep as a core memory, a treasure, a gem of time when your little one was little OR it’ll be one that we try to quickly forget; an obstacle we’ll likely tackle and leave in the past.

You got this mama & we’re here for you.

With love,

A mama who believes in you

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